Adam "The Jazz" Tutor


Soulzzafying is defined by me as the feeling of soulful wonder in a swingin' state and it is how I aim to capture my life as a musician.  It is my goal to create a space for everyone to feel the gift of this music; how it liberates, always aspires to something greater, exists in a state of improvisation harnessed (for me) by the irrepressible two and four of the swing.

The music that comes from my horn is a humble expression of that which rests zestfully in my soul and is best when complemented by others doing the same.  
I desire to change the way we see jazz presented in this city and to provide a place for artist and  musician, epicurean and cocktailian, swinger and be-bopper alike to share their spirits and sounds in a way that truly embodies the human experience.  Soulzzafying, it's just one way to go about it-what's yours? 

​-Adam Tutor

950 East Grayson Street

San Antonio Texas 78208


A huge 'thank you' to our past Grayson Street Jazz sponsors, vendors and volunteers!

Since 2005, the mission of the school has been to provide an outstanding Montessori-based education, in the Episcopal tradition, to culturally and economically diverse groups of children, to nurture the child’s mind, body and spirit.​ Grayson Street Jazz is a wonderful way to raise money for this initiative. 

St. Paul's Episcopal Church Choir

The music program at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is viewed as a strong in-reach and outreach to the San Antonio community offering the very best in sacred choral music.  Through the Soli Deo Gloria Guild, the parish supports a semi-professional choir with many young singers participating in its choral scholar program.  Soli Deo Gloria, Latin for “To God Alone Be Glory”, was the autograph Johann Sebastian Bach placed in abbreviated form on every piece of music he composed. We chose those glorious words to be the name of our guild because they perfectly describe the goal and purpose of all of the music we offer.

1018 East Grayson Street

San Antonio, TX 78208



Lambermont is nestled in the heart of San Antonio, just north of Downtown. It is considered a true historic jewel offering unmatched character and warmth for any special event. Our luscious grounds are ideal for larger events, whereas rooms inside offer a more intimate setting. Combine the use of both for the perfect feeling. 

1018 E. Grayson Street 

San Antonio, TX 78208-1224 

(210) 271-2861